JOHN DEERE 9770 STS 2010
$120 000
Combine weight without header: 14,862 kg
Engine displacement: 9.0 l
Fuel tank volume: 945 l
Power: 268.5 kW
Number of cylinders: 6
Rotor diameter of intake and threshing: 762 mm
Grill area: 1.1> m²
Unloading speed: 116.3T l / s
Throwing / unloading height: 4.4 m
Separator type: rotary
Hopper capacity - 10 600 l
The John Deere S-Series combine is equipped with a high-performance ball-shaped rotor, and is an excellent balance of quality and performance. The grain is fed into the separator in three ways, which reduces the effect of sticking and clumping, and also reduces power consumption. As a result, the forward speed can be increased, and it becomes possible to work under almost any conditions, regardless of the state of the grain.

Thanks to the new control unit and armrest display, the operator has the necessary control functions in his hands. From a single screen, he can adjust shoe clearance, set up HarvestSmart automatic feed control, make combine settings, on-board diagnostics and more.

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